Set Of 3 Pcs Wool Dauber Brush For Application Of Leather Dye

The wool dauber is a little wooly brush for application of leather dye and finish.
It is particularly good for dyeing carvings and cavities, and it also dyes detailed embossings very well due to its material and shape.
In fact, it is very often used instead of a paintbrush, as it can absorb a lot of dye and give it off evenly.

Neat whether small leather pieces or large surfaces, the wool dauber allows perfect mixing and applying of dyes.
Moreover, this wool applicator is very popular for dyeing and finishing leather edges.

Apply leather dye in small circular movements on the leather surface. You will achieve an especially even dye if you dye in several consecutive processes.

The size and round shape of the wool dauber is also very good for dyeing and fixing thin and thick leather edges.

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