Heavy Duty Eyelet Plier With 100 Eyelets

These eyelet pliers are great for the budding craftsman to use in the home, The clamp plier tools can press eyelets into many materials such as fabric, leather, belts, plastic, acrylic, canvas, suede & more, Use them to create laced effects on garments & craft projects, They can punch through paper, cardstock, thick bookboard, laminated cards, Shower curtains, tote bags, placemats, pillows, blankets & more, making them the perfect tool for scrap book making & craft projects, and Perfect for connecting 2 thin materials together, For best results, line the pliers up with the material where you want the hole to be, then press down on the plier handle & use the pliers jaws to make a small hole first, Put the eyelet in place & use the pliers to press the eyelet grommets into the material, which locks the eyelet in place. If the fabric is too thick to make a hole, use a Saddlers Punch. The pliers also feature a mini sliding measuring guide for precision hole & eyelet spacing to make the job easier.

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